Super White – Biopesticide

Super white is a special biopesticide product used for controlling White Fly,Aphid ,Jasid Content Alkaloid, Fatty acid and Oil of Wild plants Function To control White Fly, Aphid, Jassid. Dose 20 ml per 15 Liter of water Recommended Crops Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops Application Time At any time of pest season Compatibility.


We are a distinguished company engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a compendious range of Biophos Care . This substance is used to improve the fertility of soil, nourishes root system and changes phosphorous into easily available form for the benefit of plants. We process this range using organic carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen.


Bio Killer King To meet the clients expectations, we are offering Bio Killer King which is manufactured using natural ingredients. We emphasize to to make it highly effective and thus processed it with an accurate composition of all the ingredients. Specifications : Packing: 20 Ml 100Ml 250 Ml 500 Ml 1 Ltr Applicable in : All type of farming crop.

Agricultural Biopesticides

With a vast experience in biological control, we offer certain Agricultural Biopesticides ( Bio Insecticide ) that are effective against insects that harm the plants and crops. These insecticides are very powerful and help in complete control of insects. In this method certain animals, natural materials, minerals are used to control insects.


Offering Biopesticides: Biopesticides are now a days very much popular pesticides in Indian agriculture.
We formulate biopesticide from traditional herbal extracts which are time tasted and very effective on crops like cotton, soyabean, gram and all vegetable and fruit

Milastin Biopesticides

Benefits: Plant pro-biotic Zero Pre-harvest time Efficient colonization of shoot and foliar surfaces with useful bacteria. Biomanagement of fungal diseases of crops. Non-toxic Organic certified. Contents: A liter of Milastin contains 10 11 viable spores of Bacillus Subtilis [ KTSB 1015] powerful antifungal activity and wide enzyme spectrum.

Natural Biopesticide

Brand: Gayab Natural Biopesticide are naturally occurring pesticides. Unlike the conventional pesticides these pesticides are not made from synthetic material these pesticides are made of natural materials.
These pesticides are easy to use and eco-friendly. Features: Easy to use Eco friendly Made by natural materials

Mites & Thrips Biopesticides

We are leading manufacturer and exporter offering Mites & Thrips Special Biopesticides JET KILL (M/T). Content: Alkaloids, Fatty acid, extracts of Wild plants ,emulsifiers & adjuvants Function : To control Thrips and mites Dose : 1ml / Liter of water Recommended Crops : Any Field Crops/Horticultural Crops Application Time : At the time of farming crop.


We offer Bioghat . For effective control of sucking pests like mealy bug, leaf miner, aphides and other sucking pest. It is an innovative product based on antifeedant concept. It controls suck pests by starvation. It activates plants protection systems due to its special characteristics, plants form protective shield against sucking pests, pests…

Vironil Biopesticides

We offer a wide range of very high quality Vironil Biopesticides to our customers.
These products are microbial biological pest control agents that controls the crop disease caused by variety of pest.
These products are cheaper ,more effective , and have a long term effects as compared with chemical pesticides.

Agricultural Biopesticide

Avail from us, a wide range of Agricultural Biopesticide that comes under the brand Langer.
The pesticide has right constituency that helps in exterminating pests and rodents from damaging crops and

We are engaged in offering D Mite (Biopesticides), which protects the quality of crops in field. Moreover, this product is highly effective on crops such as maize, ground nuts, vegetables, black gram and Bengal gram. Apart from this, these pesticides are also suitable for chilly, Red gram, flower gardens, fruit gardens, cotton and

Plant Biopesticides

We provide this Pesticides of brand “Puli” The Puli Pesticides natural plants extracted by means of biochemical industry.
It is a broad-spectrum and long-acting pesticide. The product eliminates the pests mainly through contacting while subsidiarity through sucking, thus the combination of contacting with sucking, making excellent effects.


All these chemicals are formed using extracts and minerals which is highly effective in protecting the crops from the pests and insects which damages the crops. All our customers have widely accepted our biopesticide products because of being very effective in controlling the unwanted pests and insects.


Backed by services of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals, we offer customers services for spider control. Spiders are the most common household insect/pest as well as the most adaptable & successful in insect groups.